Why we Need a Balanced Budget Amendment Now

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Somehow, President Obama continues to prove his utter incompetence regarding the budget and economics while also doubling down on his desire to continue the spending spree he has undertaken over the past few years that drove us to the brink of bankruptcy. Today marked another occasion where President Obama talked of “modest” changes to entitlement programs but refused to offer any tangible figures or specific ideas. Instead, he soothingly explained that only slight changes are needed and there was no need to make any structural changes to Social Security or Medicare and Medicaid. Of course, for good measure, Obama couldn’t resist pointing to his favorite narrative that none of his problems are the result of his own ineptness and instead, wait for it, President George W. Bush should receive all of the blame. In the same news conference, Obama also referred to “job-killing tax cuts” as if allowing people and businesses to keep more of their own money is counterproductive to economic growth. Apparently, allowing people to make their own decisions regarding their money on is less efficient and desirable than placing that power into the hands of his omnipotent central planners. By the way, how did that “stimulus” package work out? Didn’t the average job “created or saved” by the “stimulus” cost taxpayers over $270,000 each? Yes, those central planners are doing a bang-up job. If we’re mentioning jobs, how about all those green jobs? Good thing the administration has virtually shut down new oil and gas exploration. All those windmills and solar panels are just great. By the way, when do we get the next shipment of wind turbines and solar panels from China?

As if his renewed faith in big government wasn’t adequately displayed, B. Hussein Obama went even further as he reminded his fellow progressives why it’s important to at least appear to get deficits under control. “If you are a progressive, you should be concerned about debt and deficit just as if you’re a conservative,” Obama explained, “And the reason is, because, if the only thing we’re talking about over the next year, two years, five years is debt and deficits then it’s very hard to start talking about how do we make investments in community colleges so our kids are trained, how do we actually rebuild $2 trillion worth of crumbling infrastructure. If you care about making investments in, uh, our kids and making investments in our infrastructure and making investments in basic research then you should want our fiscal house in order so every time we propose a new initiative somebody just doesn’t throw up their hands and say oh, more big spending, more big government.” In case you can’t quite read between the lines, the president is telling us that he wants this debt ceiling issue to go away so he can get back to spending.

As if we really needed more evidence, the president really drove home the problem of the ideology driving his motivations in this issue and reinforced the need for serious solutions including a balanced budget amendment (which Obama also specifically said the nation does not need to fix this problem.) There is absolutely no inclination to quit spending taxpayer money. Unless someone stands up for the taxpayers, the next debt ceiling will be reached and Obama and his Democrat colleagues will return to the backrooms to figure out the next group targeted for a good round of demagoguery to extract more tax dollars to fund their failing programs. Of course, they will always lay the blame on the wealthiest one percent of Americans not paying their “fair share” but there simply isn’t enough money to cover their profligate spending even if they taxed everyone earning over $250,000 a year (a far cry from millionaires and billionaires) at a confiscatory 100 percent rate. Therefore, who will be the next group accused of not being patriotic and paying their “fair” share? The president has made it perfectly clear that he will continue to spend us to oblivion. Something has to change and the balanced budget amendment is the best place to start. How do we know? Obama said we didn’t need it.


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