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No Democrat Can Keep a Straight Story About Obama’s “Devotion” to Israel

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This is Democrat Senator Jerrold Nadler speaking to Orthodox Jews about Obama. One part of this video made national news already when Nadler explained that Obama couldn’t leave Wright’s church because he wasn’t politically courageous enough. However, I find this part of the Senator’s speech about Obama the most telling. Just so Senator Nadler can be straight, yes there have been phone banks in Gaza where Palestinians have been cold-calling Americans to drum up support for Obama. Yes, Hamas did endorse Obama in 2006, and quickly retracted their endorsement as soon as they realized the negative impact it could have on their candidate of choice. Obama has also had to return $30,000 in illegal campaign contributions from Gaza. Let’s not forget that Jesse Jackson who has referred to Obama as, “part of the family,” told the World Policy Forum in France that Obama will bring an end to, “decades of putting Israel’s interests first.” Therefore, Senator Nadler, your rambling never did answer the question. If Obama is such a strong ally of Israel, why do all of Israel’s enemies endorse him for president? Here’s Senator Nadler’s sensless, ill-informed ramblings:

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Update on Dubious Record Checks on Joe the Plumber

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This is the latest article about the ongoing investigations about who accessed Joe Wurzelbacher’s (a.k.a. Joe the Plumber) government records following the final Presidential Debate where Wurzelbacher was made the center-of-attention. Wurzelbacher is probably most responsible for McCain’s recent momentum by coaxing out Obama’s “spread the wealth around” answer to a question about tax policy. Immediately after the final debate, the Obama campaign and the press went on the attack on Wurzelbacher, a private citizen who was in his own driveway when Obama approached him and made himself available to questions. While Biden and Obama were mocking Wurzelbacher, the press was working diligently to assassinate Wurzelbacher’s character by reporting that he did not have a current plumber’s license, he owed back taxes, even calling into question if he was registered to vote. This should make every voter irate with Obama and his attempts to personally smear a common citizen whose only crime was taking the time to ask Obama a legitimate question.
Since Wurzelbacher’s introduction to the nation by both campaigns, it has come to light that Ohio state and municipal government officials illegally accessed Wurzelbacher’s records. It is very suspicious that the officials ultimately responsible for ordering the record checks seem to all be Obama supporters. Now voters are being told that there is no connection between the illegal checks and the Obama campaign? That’s hard to believe since both the Obama-infatuated press and the Obama campaign simultaniously went on the attack with the same information discovered from the checks. Sadly, nothing will probably be done because the elected officials in charge of investigating these manners are Democrat and Obama supporters.
The link below is the latest update to the events that are unfolding. Remember, if Obama will advocate these actions during the campaign, imagine what he would do if he was the top executive in charge of the country. At no time has Obama condemned the illegal searches and at no time has Obama apologized to the common man he has trashed on several national media outlets. These are not actions of a “new politician” who truly cares about average Americans as Obama claims. In fact, this story just adds more illustration to Obama’s famous comments he gave in San Francisco where he said, “You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them… And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” I guess Wurzelbacher is just trying to bitterly cling to his dream of buying a business and not having Obama tax it out of existence.

Finally, here’s the link I promised before getting carried away:

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Obama and ACORN: Another Obama Lie

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Across the country, there is a concerted effort to steal the election through voter fraud. Almost daily, there are more reports about fraudulent voter registration efforts through the group, Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN.) ACORN boasts from their website that they have registered over 1.3 million new voters for the November election, mainly from low-income, minority communities which almost exclusively vote Democrat. Over the previous weeks, there have been frequent news reports of ACORN submitting multiple registrations in different voting precincts for individuals. In fact, many voters registered by ACORN are quoted as saying that ACORN’s members pressured them to sign multiple registration cards and some have even admitted to being paid with money and cigarettes to register multiple times. In several states, it has also been discovered that ACORN worked to add many felons to the voter rolls in states where felons are not allowed to vote. Obama’s claims of never being associated with ACORN are just plain false. He partnered with ACORN with his Project Vote during his early years in Chicago and he also served as ACORN’s attorney for several matters. In fact, the FEC discovered that Obama’s campaign attempted to hide an $800,000 payment for voter registration services to an ACORN front group. As more reports continue to surface of blatant voter fraud committed in crucial swing states, it is becoming more and more obvious that Obama supporters will use any means to put Obama in the White House. ACORN has a long history of committing voter fraud and they even have plenty of dirt on their hands from the subprime mortgage meltdown through their efforts to intimidate banks into lowering their lending standards to increase the amount of subprime loans made to people who obviously could not afford them.

An editorial from Investors Business Daily’s website, IBDeditorials.com from October 8, gives a good overview of the current investigations into ACORN and even touches on the group’s history of running afoul of the law with their voter registration drives. The FBI has raided ACORN offices in Nevada and North Carolina, which are two states that the current polls show McCain and Obama are neck-and-neck. The raids in Nevada and North Carolina followed discoveries of fraudulent voters registered by ACORN in both states. The worst part is that these are not the only two states where serious problems have been discovered concerning ACORN. Investigations are also underway in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. ACORN officials have also recently been indicted in Wisconsin and Colorado. Questions arose in Nevada when ACORN submitted voter registration cards made out with the names of the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys. Similar problems have been discovered in Missouri where one registrant’s name was submitted eight different times and all of the submissions carried the same signature. In Kansas City alone, 15,000 registrants have been questioned. St. Louis has sent out 5,000 letters requesting clarification for the voter registration cards submitted by ACORN. In many states, ACORN has also registered convicted felons and even inmates who are ineligible to vote. On ACORN’s website, they boast to have registered 1.3 million new voters nationwide which should sound alarms to every American about the validity of the new voters registered by the group.

Obama’s website denies that Obama ever had any relationship with ACORN. However, audio has surfaced of Obama addressing ACORN in 2007 when he told them, “[W]e’re going to be calling all of you in to help us shape the agenda … so that you have input into the agenda for the next presidency of the United States of America.” Sounds pretty clear that Obama understood who ACORN was and the agenda they promote. Contrary to the Obama campaign website, Obama has a long affiliation with the liberal activist group that goes all the way back to his first days in Chicago. In 1992, Obama partnered his Project Vote efforts with ACORN and focused on registering low-income and minority voters. Not only did Obama help with Project Vote, he also directed grant money to the group while he sat on the board of the board of the Chicago-based Woods Fund. (One of the boards he shared with unrepentant domestic terrorist, William Ayers.) He also served as attorney for ACORN while practicing law in Chicago.

Obama’s work as an attorney was to assist ACORN in their primary method of raising money which is to intimidate companies with lawsuits and charges of racism. The corporate intimidation policy pursued by ACORN which has probably affected the most Americans was their efforts to coerce lenders to lower lending standards in an effort to exploit the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act. An article by Stanley Kurtz in the New York Post on September 29, 2008 discusses how Obama associate, Madeline Talbott, worked to intimidate banks into giving loans which are now responsible for the current economic meltdown. Talbott was a director of Chicago ACORN and she has long expressed her affinity for Obama. After ACORN teamed up with Obama’s Project Vote in 1992, Talbott was so impressed with Obama that she hired him during the early 1990’s to train her personal staff and also conducted leadership-training seminars for ACORN’s new aspiring leaders. ACORN also turned to Obama to represent them in lawsuits that the group had initiated. One case in 1992 was the Illinois “motor voter” case which had the purpose of facilitating voter registration at all government assistance offices and any offices that provided state-funded assistance programs. There is no argument that the law would disproportionately assist in registering Democratic voters. In 1994, Obama was also one of the attorneys to represent ACORN in a class-action suit against Citibank with the purpose of forcing the bank to lower lending standards and make more subprime loans to low-income minorities. The lawsuit was only a part of Talbott’s assault on the lending industry which ultimately resulted in the $700 billion bill that the taxpayers are now forced to pay for.

ACORN began their assault on the lending industry by using the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act (CRA.) According to the Federal Reserve’s website, “The Community Reinvestment Act is intended to encourage depository institutions to help meet the credit needs of the communities in which they operate, including low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, consistent with safe and sound operations.” As Kurtz says in his New York Post article, “The seeds of today’s financial meltdown lie in the CRA…made riskier by unwise amendments and regulatory rulings.” ACORN recognized that any bank looking to merge or expand must complete and pass a CRA review and the approval process can be greatly delayed by complaints filed by groups like ACORN. Talbott did not only use lawsuits and claims of CRA violations to intimidate banks into making subprime loans, she also coordinated stunts like sit-ins in bank lobbies, harassing bank executives at their offices and homes, and making public accusations that uncooperative banks were guilty of racist lending practices. Kurtz discusses how Talbott’s efforts culminated in the, “…first-ever state hearing to consider blocking a thrift merger for lack of compliance with CRA.” The target was Bell Federal Savings and Loan and they protested Talbott’s actions claiming that they were being required to implement an “affirmative action lending policy.” Kurtz goes on to say that Talbott was in dozens of articles in the following years about pressuring banks to making more subprime loans. ACORN continued in the early 1990’s to pressure banks into lowering lending requirements for low-income minorities. To meet ACORN and other activists groups’ demands, banks ended up lowering down payment requirements and lowering credit history requirements to receive loans. This environment was only exacerbated by the Clinton administration’s pressure to increase homeownership rates among low-income minorities. Through ACORN’s efforts, banks had been pressured to extend hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to people the banks, otherwise, would have never approved to borrow the money. The negative results of ACORNS agenda are now making themselves clear to the American taxpayers. Who is Obama blaming for the crisis? It’s certainly not ACORN. In fact, Obama is out blaming corporate greed for the subprime meltdown. Obama completely dismisses the actions of ACORN to pressure lending institutions to make loans to people who did not meet lending requirements and he completely forgets that he was one of the attorneys in 1994 suing Citibank because they would not lower their lending standards enough to please ACORN. Talbott stated that she was dragging banks “kicking and screaming” into the subprime market and the Chicago Sun-Times ran an article in September 1993 which presented Talbott as triumphant in regards to forcing banks into these loans.

Kurtz describes a national $55 million pilot program that was started in 1993 where banks were urged to participate with ACORN to make mortgages for low and moderate-income people with bad credit histories. This is the pilot program that introduced Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to the subprime mortgage industry and everyone now knows how awful the consequences of the relationship were. Talbot was quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times stating, “If this pilot program works, it will send a message to the lending community that it’s OK to make these kinds of loans.” This shows how ACORN, with the help from Obama, actually worked to create the economic problems America is currently working to solve. Obama had worked to train Talbott’s staff through leadership seminars and even assisted through his legal services. However, no one, especially Obama, wants to admit how the nation wound up in this situation. It was not the complete fault of corporate greed. Rather it was the result of years of coercion to force banks to lend to people who had no business receiving a loan.

ACORN has several different organizations under their name. The voting registration efforts come from a different arm of the organization than the arm of their organization involved in housing policies. The Democrats in Congress attempted to direct money to ACORN’s housing arm in the economic bailout package. Republicans fought this effort and had them removed from the bill. Even though the voter registration actions are separate from the housing policies, it is not hard to see how funding one section of the organization makes it easier for the other section to operate. ACORN has proven to be a detriment to the American people and now they are attempting to steal the election for Barack Obama. Despite Obama’s claims to have never had any affiliations with the group, the evidence shows that once again, Obama is covering the truth about the association. The Obama-friendly press does not mention the FEC findings that the Obama campaign attempted to hide $800,000 in payments to ACORN for voter registration services. The payments were labeled as being for “advance work” made to Citizen’s Services, Inc. Obama needs to be questioned by voters for his past involvement with ACORN and the assistance he provided in forcing banks to enter into the subprime loans that have now wrecked the economy. Now, as the ACORN voter registration offices are being raided in almost every swing state, Obama needs to answer for the $800,000 he paid to the organization that is out committing rampant voter fraud for Obama’s benefit. The worst case scenario for Obama is that he knew about the illegal voter registration practices of the group and those practices are why he paid nearly a million dollars to ACORN to help them register sympathetic voters for him. The best case scenario shows that Obama is guilty, yet again, of having very poor judgment when it comes to those he trusts for help. Either way, ACORN, with Obama’s help, has done enough to hurt Americans. It is now time for the American voters to show Obama and the Democrats that they will not allow this trend to continue.


 Update: This article appeared in the New York Post showing that fraudulent voters who signed up multiple times through ACORN actually did so with the purpose of voting multiple times. How many of these voters were not caught by the election authorities?





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Interesting Association

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While researching for new articles, I ran across something very interesting about the website FactCheck.org who hold themselves out as a nonpartisan “consumer advocate” for voters by pointing out the deception in campaign ads. It turns out that they are funded by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, which is a part of the Annenberg Foundation. Annenberg Foundation also parents the Chicago Annenberg Challenge that Obama chaired with domestic terrorist William Ayers for eight years. Also very interesting is that the director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center is Dr. Kathleen Jamieson who has a new book she coauthored titled, “Echo Chamber: Rush Limbaugh and the Conservative Media Establishment.” Is there perhaps even the slightest possibility that there might be a couple of conflicts of interest?

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Obama and his Allies’ Despicable Plan

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The time has now come for, not only Republicans, but for anyone who believes in the fundamental freedoms protected in the Bill of Rights to step up and hold Obama and his rabid supporters accountable for their agenda of freedom-suppression for anyone not mesmerized by Obama and his message. The line has officially been crossed by Obama who has asked Missouri prosecutors and law enforcement officials to watch for “misleading television ads aired before the election.” His requests have been granted and prosecutors and law enforcement officials have said they will bring charges against anyone they see airing ads that fit the campaign’s descriptions of an unfair attack on Obama. On Thursday, September 25, the blog Gateway Pundit posted a piece centered on a news story aired on KMOV-TV that discussed the recent formation of “truth squads” who have publically stated that they will be looking to take action against any ad criticizing Obama that they feel is untruthful. These “truth squads,” better described as tyrannical threats to free political speech, include St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce and St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McColluch along with “certain law officials” made up of several sheriffs’ departments.

Among topics they will apparently prosecute someone for discussing is Obama’s religion and calling Obama anything but a model Christian along with questioning whether Obama can actually lower taxes for everyone making below $250,000 a year. These are elected officials in a position to prosecute common citizens for voicing their opinions about Obama. The worst part about this is that the Obama campaign asked them to start keeping vigil against any negative ads. This is how Obama is looking to punish anyone who speaks negatively of him and he’s not even in the White House. Imagine what steps he will take when he is in power to really quiet dissent. This is the most anti-American request any elected official has ever made to any government official in a position of power. George Bush has endured eight years of vile, hate-filled attacks that claim everything such as he was behind the attacks on September 11, claims that he started the Iraq War because he is in bed with the oil companies and Halliburton, and accusing him of supporting Israel only to fulfill the evangelical Christian vision of Revelations. Not once has anyone been prosecuted for making any outrageous claim they want about Bush, and no one ever should be as long as they are only speaking of their opinions. Even when Tom Brokaw was found to have forged official military documents with the purpose of influencing a national election, nothing was done to him. Yes, he was basically forced to resign because no one could trust him to deliver news but he was never charged with any of the federal crimes he committed by his stunt.

Now, Obama, who is supposed to be the politician above party politics who is able to unite the country, has given elected judicial officials along with crime enforcement officials the order to prosecute anyone who dares to not go along with his impossible claims that he will be able to institute massive spending programs and still be able to lower taxes for everyone with a household income below $250,000. They can start by prosecuting me because I am saying that Obama will absolutely not be able to make these tax cuts with his insane ideas such as providing universal healthcare. Also, Joyce and McColluch can start the suit because due to Obama’s infatuation with blocking any limitation to abortion and his twenty-year membership in a church whose theology is centered on racial hatred and division; Obama is not a follower of true Christianity. Even though I could give plenty of evidence to support my assertions, I am not going to because the First Amendment allows me to express my opinions no matter how factually-based they are. On top of this, I will also say that Obama is the most dishonest politician to come forth in generations who is willing to say absolutely anything he feels will get him in office. Anyone who reads the second chapter of Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals titled “Of Ways and Means” will quickly see how faithfully Obama subscribes to Alinsky’s view that any means are justified in order to reach a desired goal. Among methods included in Alinsky’s justifiable actions are lying and even violence if there are no other means available. This philosophy is why Obama can keep a straight face when he tells the American People that he supports their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms despite his voting record that explicitly shows the contrary. Therefore, the St. Louis City and County prosecutors can also read my opinion that Obama is flat-out lying about his intentions of not only gun control but wide-sweeping bans of all guns which would start with handguns and semi-automatic rifles and will quickly move to any other firearms owned by private citizens.

I have left a message with Missouri Senator Bond about this along with speaking to representatives of the MO Republican Party and the McCain campaign. I have just been called back by the McCain campaign and told that they are receiving many complaints about this blatant threat to citizens’ First Amendment Rights initiated by the Obama campaign and they instructed me to watch tonight’s news because they are beginning to take action. I urge everyone else to contact representatives of government and voice your concern about this attempt to quiet any dissent through elected officials’ and law enforcement officials’ abuse of the powers entrusted to them by the people. Even though television ads were all that was mentioned in the news report, what would draw the line on who could be a target?

In researching for posts on the Anti-Obamassiah Refuge, I accumulate a ton of links to important articles about Obama and his associates. One folder I keep in my favorites is reserved for the likes of Tony Rezko and Franklin Raines and it’s titled, “Slimeballs on Obama’s Campaign.” Joyce and McColluch have found their way into this folder through their disgusting, anti-American threat against the American right to freedom of speech. Just by making this request, Obama has only further proven that he has no interest in uniting people of different ideologies, nor is he interested in breaking from his extreme liberal views. Instead, he is only willing to silence any dissent and get rid of any competition, just as he did in the first election he won in Illinois where he had all of the other candidates thrown off of the ballot so he was running unopposed. If Obama is looking to trample our rights as a candidate, he will completely destroy them as president.

Watch the KMOV-TV video here: http://www.kmov.com/video/index.html?nvid=285793&shu=1

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Obama and Democrats Shouldn’t Point Fingers about Fannie Mae

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This week Obama is really showing how much he is counting on the ignorance of the American electorate.  The San Francisco Chronicle’s website reports from Las Vegas, that Obama gave his unquestioning supporters these instructions, “I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face.” He went even further telling his supporters to tell their unsuspecting victims that Obama supports the Second Amendment and that he is going to lower their taxes. Notice how he doesn’t mention Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?  In light of the recent Fannie Mae (FNMA) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation known as Freddie Mac (FHLMC) government bailouts, Obama knows that the last thing his supporters need to concentrate on is who is responsible for the government subsidized entities (GSE) failures that were the largest taxpayer liability of the financial institutions to fall. Nancy Pelosi was sure to come out Monday when the market exploded to explain to TheHill.com that she and her fellow Democrats had nothing to do with the mortgage giants’ collapse and the economic ramifications of their failure. Pelosi was taking every opportunity to blame George Bush for the problem and essentially further the same cause that has driven the Congress she presides over to a 9% approval rating. Barack Obama was out pointing his fingers at George Bush and claiming that John McCain would only extend the policies that brought Fannie and Freddie to their collapse. Obama would be much better off not mentioning the situation, lest he is prepared to answer for his actions and the actions of his party.

Obama has been in the US Senate since 2005. In these three short years, Obama has managed to clinch the third-ranking of politicians receiving the most campaign funds from Fannie and Freddie’s PAC’s and individual employees since 1989. OpenSecrets.com published a list of the top benefactors of the mortgage giants’ political donations which showed since 2005, Obama received $105,849. Ahead of Obama was only Connecticut Democrat Senator Chris Dodd, who has received $133,900, followed by John Kerry, the Democrat Senator from Massachusetts and 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, who collected $111,000. Where’s John McCain? He didn’t even make the list of top 25. McCain has taken $20,000 from these companies’ employees and PAC’s over a 20-year period. So, while Obama has taken an average of $35,283 a year, McCain has received just less than 3% of Obama’s annual haul. While Obama is telling audiences that John McCain’s whole campaign staff is made of lobbyists, he is taking over $35,000 a year from these companies while his party has consistently turned its back on any reform that would have stemmed the taxpayer liability to their meltdown.

The situation that has lead to the breakdown of Fannie and Freddie has been evident for years now. In 2003, Freddie was found to have an ethics lapse concerning their accounting methods. The following year, 2004, Fannie was also accused of unethical accounting practices which led to an earnings overstatement along with an understatement of risk as far as their subprime exposure was concerned.  After an SEC investigation, the accusations at Fannie were proven true which resulted in an $11 billion earnings restatement and the resignation of several top executives. Recent past executives have included Jim Johnson, former Fannie Mae CEO, who Obama hired as part of his VP Search Committee and Franklin Raines, another former Fannie Mae CEO who was forced to resign after the 2004 SEC investigation and who also made close to $50 million off of the erroneous earnings statements. Obama hired Raines as an economic advisor for his campaign. Both Johnson and Raines have also bundled very significant amounts of campaign funds for Obama. Yet, Obama was still on the campaign trail the week claiming that John McCain’s whole campaign is run by corrupt Washington lobbyists, even despite his own on-going deep connections, with two men whose greed greatly led to the disaster for which taxpayers will now end up footing the bill. No wonder Obama needs to raise taxes, he is fully aware of just how much his own advisors have wrecked this economy.

In 2005, John McCain spoke from the Senate Floor about the reforms that were needed in order to avoid a taxpayer-funded bailout of Fannie and Freddie. The blog, HotAir.com posted McCain’s remarks from that speech that included these prophetical remarks, “I join as a cosponsor of the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, S. 190, to underscore my support for quick passage of GSE regulatory reform legislation. If Congress does not act, American taxpayers will continue to be exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a whole.” The bill McCain was cosponsoring would have put a new regulatory body over the GSE’s with a purpose of managing the level of risk they took on in their portfolios. A few of the other tasks of the new regulatory body would also place requirements on minimum critical capital levels, provide a risk-based capital test, and also keep an eye on golden parachutes so Obama’s current advisors wouldn’t be able to waltz in, manipulate earnings to increase their own bonuses, place the company in financial ruin, and walk away with more money than most CEO’s in non-government subsidized companies. What happened to this legislation? HotAir.com reports that Chris Dodd (number one of the list of politicians receiving contributions from Fannie and Freddie), who chairs the Senate Banking Committee buried it where it never got out of his committee. It has also been discovered that Dodd was also receiving preferential loan treatment from Country Wide Financial, another mortgage giant that was taking advantage of the cheap-credit situation.

In the June 20, 2005 issue of Backgrounder published by The Heritage Foundation titled Time to Reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Ronald D. Utt, Ph.D. explained that both GSE’s have greatly outlived their purposes and neither have a current significant impact in providing a secondary market to increase funds available in the mortgage market with the purpose of increasing homeownership rates through assisting to provide lower rates that would not be available through nongovernment subsidized private lenders. Fannie and Freddie purchase mortgages from different lenders and repackage them into mortgage-backed securities (MBS’s) that they sell in the securities markets. GSE’s have a line of credit from the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve is allowed to purchase their debt as part of the Federal Reserve’s open market activities. With this backing from the government, Fannie and Freddie’s MBS’s are considered by investors just as risk-free as US Treasury debt because they’re perceived to be backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government. With the increase in sub-prime mortgages, Fannie and Freddie purchased many sub-prime debts and packaged these mortgages in with regular mortgages in the construction of their MBS’s. Recently, the foreclosure rates for sub-prime borrowers have increased dramatically which cause many of the mortgages composing Fannie and Freddie’s MBS’s to default, thus prompting the need for a taxpayer bailout. All of this could have been greatly curtailed had regulations been in place such as those McCain cosponsored to limit the amount of exposure in the two GSE’s portfolios.

One of the biggest opponents of making such changes was in the House of Representatives, through Massachusetts Representative, Democrat Barney Frank. Frank is another root of the problem that is out condemning the Bush Administration for the problems derived from key Democrats’ opposition, such as Frank and Dobbs, to limiting the exposure Fannie and Freddie would be allowed to have from MBS’s. Frank has been especially forgetful of his past cheerleading for these companies while out finger-pointing blame in the press. In fact, The Wall Street Journal ran a piece on September 17 discussing how Frank along with his other Democrat “friends of Fran and Fred” opposed any effort to limit the size of the GSE’s portfolios along with opposing any attempts to establish a regulatory body to closely monitor the assets and running of the companies. In fact, the piece points out that, “Mr. Frank was publically arguing for an increase in the size of their combined $1.4 trillion portfolios right up to the day they were bailed out.” The Journal piece even goes further saying that he is still against the Treasury’s planned reduction in the portfolios in 2010. When asked about it during the week of the collapse, Frank apparently told a newspaper, “Good luck on that.”

Frank and his GSE-supporting Democrat brethren argued for increasing the GSE’s portfolios in the name of affordable housing, yet as Dr. Utt found in his piece for the Heritage Foundation, Fannie and Freddie only provide marginal benefits to first-time minority homebuyers. In fact, Dr. Utt cites a release of anti-homeownership materiel targeting minorities and moderate-income buyers that was put out by a Fannie Mae-assisted advocacy group which came a month before the Department of Housing and Urban Development released a new rule requiring Fannie and Freddie to improve mortgage availability to minority and moderate-income buyers, as the GSE’s were established to do. The anti-homeownership literature discussed advantages of renting, public housing and other options and had a clear intent on discouraging those they were being ordered to help. It’s apparent that Fannie and Freddie were more concerned with leveraging their government subsidized status to enrich the profits for shareholders and executives rather than providing the affordable housing Democrats such as Frank were claiming justified the huge mortgage exposure with little regulatory oversight that left a potentially huge liability to the US taxpayers.

 In light of the economic turmoil caused by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac along with current campaign ties to two former CEO’s that played a key role in bringing Fannie Mae to its knees, where is Obama getting the gall to accuse John McCain of not being in touch with the economy? Just because McCain is not looking for advice from and providing a paycheck to the sources of the current economic strife, shouldn’t mean that Obama has the upper hand on the situation. In fact, where do Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank find any justification to place the blame for these disasters solely at President Bush and the Republicans’ feet? After all of their on-the-record remarks only furthering the same corporate governance that led to these huge economic problems, how are Democrats able to ask American voters to trust them with solving these problems that John McCain was predicting in 2005? The meltdown of these GSE’s and the huge burden this puts on the tax payers proves that the Democrats’ uncompromising conviction lead to this problem. Through his choices of placing two former Fannie Mae CEO’s in advisory roles, Obama provides just another example of his lack of judgment concerning those he places trust in and looks to for advice.

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This is Coverage Without an Agenda?

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The headline says it all, “Palin tries to defend qualifications in interview.” Sarah Palin’s experience is being subjected to a level of scrutiny that Obama could never live up to. In fact, they question Palin like this but this article was posted Thursday night after the first part of Sarah Palin’s ABC World News Tonight interview with Charles Gibson. How can any part of this article be considered unbiased? This is from the Associated Press, which is supposed to be a legitimate news source. The article is also listed under news articles, not opinions, so a reader is supposed to believe they are being given the facts about the interview. Instead readers that expect a news story get the opinions of the reporter, both about Sarah Palin and her performance in the interview.


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Update to Obama’s Plan to Pursue Same Failed Policies Through Prosecuting Bush…

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As posted earlier on the Anti-Obamassiah Refuge, Joe Biden told supporters on Wednesday that the Obama Administration would investigate George W. Bush and pursue criminal prosecutions. The article which quotes Joe Biden’s words is linked on the original post but you can also brush up on it here:


Now after reading the article above. Take a look at this video from Thursday morning’s Fox and Friends where Joe Biden was asked about his remarks where he spoke about pursuing prosecutions of the Bush Administration. Biden says that he has no idea where the idea came from because he certainly didn’t say anything of the sort. Watch the video below and see for yourself, the comments in question come with two minutes left in the interview.


Now, after reading the first article and seeing the video from the next morning, ask yourself if this is a comforting sign from the Obama campaign. If they will flat out lie about this, what else are they willing to lie about. America needs a president that won’t just pander to every group he faces, we need a president that only takes one position and can easily recall that position when questioned.

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People in Glass Brothels Shouldn’t Throw Stones

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A Democrat stalwart came out Tuesday to weigh in on whether Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter’s pregnancy should be included in campaign attacks. Democrat Representative Barney Frank told the Associated Press that the state of Palin’s family should be considered fair game. In an effort to not let Rep. Frank down, there will be a brief analysis of the situation in Palin’s family compared to the esteemed Barney Frank who, as you shall soon see, is not a stranger to having affairs in his own household brought to the light of the media. Frank has his own story about a tumultuous household full of sex, lies and cover-ups. Even though no one in the Palin camp has lied or covered-up anything, Frank still wants to continue attacking a 17-year-old girl who is going through attacks that no teenager should ever subject to. So, in an effort to play by Barney Frank’s rules, here is the Frank vs. Palin comparison. At the end, you tell me who you would rather trust with national affairs.

It was in 1987 that Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank had an interesting situation exposed that had been occurring in his home over the previous year-and-a-half. Make no mistake, Barney Frank was in his elected office and he was indeed Congressman Frank at the time, but anyway, back to the story. Congressman Frank had apparently hired a new “personal aide” out of his own personal funds back in 1985. The aide turned out to be Stephen Gobie. Gobie’s ad had caught Frank’s eye when he advertised his “personal aide” skills with the words, “tight buns” and a “large endowment.” It seems that Frank must have had to take a lot of work home or had extensive personal tax statements and other papers that would require a live-in personal aide to help him organize it all. Another interesting qualification Gobie had for the position is that at the time, Gobie was on probation for drug possession and possession of child pornography. Despite knowing this, Frank hired Gobie and they carried on what the Boston Globe refers to as a “clandestine” affair.

Barney Frank treated his new boy toy – or “personal aide” as he called him, very well. Frank had all 33 of Gobie’s outstanding parking tickets fixed and also wrote a letter to get Gobie off of probation in a letter the Boston Globe said was “disingenuous at best and outright deceptive at worst.” Frank must have wanted to take his “personal aide” to a romantic getaway in another state and the “personal aide’s” probation wouldn’t allow it, love is hard when probation for possession of child pornography is involved.

Well, all good love stories eventually come to an end. Especially when you are an old overweight guy and the boy of your dreams is into child pornography. This relationship was doomed from the beginning. Frank ended the relationship and Gobie ended up going to the press to expose the little business that had been operating out of Frank’s apartment for the previous 18 months. It seems little Gobie had been running a gay prostitution ring, unbeknown to Frank right out of Frank’s apartment. Of course, Frank adamantly claimed that he knew nothing about the operation and who would question that? I’m sure his apartment was so large that all sorts of illicit rings could have operated without drawing any of Congressman Frank’s suspicions. It must have been contained solely to the wing of his apartment opposite of Frank’s bedroom in the cloak of darkness.

Who wouldn’t believe Barney Frank wouldn’t have had a clue of what was going on? Barney Frank was stunned that anyone would even think he knew about the prostitution ring, I mean, he had ethics. Sure those ethics didn’t restrict him from paying for a live-in male prostitute’s services for a year and a half, and sure his ethics didn’t have a problem fixing Gobie’s parking tickets and writing letters to try and deceptively get Gobie’s probation for POSSESSION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY (emphasis added) cut short. No, Barney Frank’s ethics had strict limits and they stopped right at the border of being the madam of a gay bordello.

What did Frank do when the other shoe dropped and the reporters were swarming, The Boston Globe was calling for his resignation, and the House Ethics Committee was looking to take action? Why, he claimed that anyone looking to punish him was homophobic and persecuting him for his lifestyle. The House ended up voting across party lines to reprimand him and basically nothing else was made of the scandal. As the years came and went, Barney Frank is referred to as a courageous congressman who came out of the closet during the socially repressive Reagan Administration. What was sad about the whole situation is that he got away with it. His behavior had nothing to do with homosexuality; it had everything to do with Frank’s absence of any moral compass whatsoever. Had Frank been a Republican running a heterosexual brothel out of his house, he would still be in jail. When Republican Congressman Mark Foley set his bag down and tapped his foot in an airport bathroom, the press blew up and he was immediately called on to step down. But when Frank runs a gay brothel out of his own apartment, he heralded as a hero for admitting he’s gay. In my mind this is a huge slap in the face to homosexuals in this country. To allow Frank to insinuate that his illicit behavior and perversion went hand-in-hand with his sexuality sets the gay rights’ movement back many, many years.  

Now that we have taken a good look at the background of the man pushing to make a campaign issue out of Gov. Palin’s 17-year-old daughter, Bristol’s, unplanned pregnancy, it is time to take a look at the Palin situation. It appears that Bristol has been involved with a young man, Levi Johnston, for the last few years. They attended the same high school where they were both seniors until the pregnancy was discovered. After the pregnancy, Bristol was moved to a different high school in an effort to save her some uncomfortable situations with others in the school who knew her. In a Sept. 2nd Associated Press interview, Sherry Johnston, Levi’s mother, said that Bristol and Levi had announced that they were planning to get married long before Bristol became pregnant. This is the same story of how many people came to be into this world as an unexpected surprise during their parents’ late teen years.

Now that Bristol is pregnant, Sarah Palin is demonstrating that she lives by the beliefs she speaks passionately about on the campaign trail. Sarah’s first opportunity to prove her conviction came a few months ago with the birth of her youngest son. She and her husband knew that the infant would be born with Down syndrome and require special care. Even though the Palins were aware of the child’s disability, they did not terminate the pregnancy as many might consider. In the case of Bristol’s pregnancy, I’m sure they knew when Sarah took the vice presidential nominee, that her daughter’s unplanned pregnancy was going to come under national scrutiny and become an issue for the McCain campaign. Even knowing this though, the family values that Sarah has passed along to her family shined through and Bristol is now about four months away from being a mother. Obama has said when referring to what he calls the fundamental sacred “right” of abortion that he wants it to remain legal because, as he said, “I don’t want my daughters punished with a baby.”

The Palin family is getting hammered in the press because they don’t share Obama’s view that a baby is punishment for a mistake. Instead, they believe that a baby is never punishment; it is a new human being that becomes a responsibility once it starts life as soon as the egg is fertilized.

Now, Congressman Frank, which situation do you think should be more relevant in a campaign? In your case you were paying for sex which is illegal, abusing your position to fix parking tickets for the prostitute and attempt to have his probation for possession of child pornography dropped which is unethical and illegal, and you were running a prostitution ring out of your apartment which is also illegal. But as soon as you were caught, you hid behind your homosexuality as a way to deflect any criticism as indications of your critics’ homophobia. You still get elected year in and year out even though you allowed all of this to happen. Now, a vice presidential candidate has a daughter with an unplanned pregnancy. No money was involved in the act that created the pregnancy. No child pornography convicts were petitioned to have their sentences cut short. And definitely, neither the Palins nor the Johnstons were allowing a prostitution ring to function in their own homes. Just because you live in a state where the voters obviously are more caught up in partisan politics than picking respectable people for office, doesn’t mean the whole country is going to allow you to play moral director of campaign attacks. You are advocating that the national media pick on a young lady who is going through what is probably the most dramatic and unsure time in her life. Especially with your sordid past, who are you to question a family that is sticking together and taking responsibility for their actions? At least Bristol isn’t claiming she knew nothing about what got her pregnant, however, maybe if she did you wouldn’t see the need to go after her.


Note: All of the events written about Barney Frank’s past were taken from other sources, mainly the Boston Globe, the links below will take you to all of the sites I used for information on Frank.



Link below is the article where Frank made his comment that started it all.



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Horrible, Unjustified Attacks

Posted on September 2, 2008. Filed under: Elsewhere in liberal politics. |

Democrats are participating in despicable attacks on Alaskan Governor and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Below are just a few of the outright lowdown dirty political attacks the Democrats are waging against Palin. Perhaps the most outrageous is the report from RedState.com about a report the Democratic Party is distributing as opposition research for the media that includes Sarah Palin’s social security number only lacking the last four digits, along with all of her residential addresses. Couple this with the usual media outlets such as the New York Times who has been unwavering on their support for Obama is working to make the unplanned pregnancy of Palin’s 17-year-old daughter an issue to attack the Alaska Governor on the campaign trail. In the Tuesday edition, The New York Times printed three front page articles about the young Palin’s pregnancy. Three front page articles. How much space has New York Times devoted to questioning Senator Obama on his past relations with unrepentant domestic terrorists and slimy Chicago slumlords?

In an even more disgusting move, US Weekly is reportedly going to publish an issue with Sarah Palin on the cover with a headline claiming lies about pregnancies and scandals in the governor’s home state of Alaska. Democrats and their foot soldiers in the press are going to work day in and day out to try and take any credibility away from a very qualified and very strong female candidate. Even though Obama is trying to distance himself from the attacks, his political party seems to be at the center of the smears when looking at the personal information they are distributing to the media. The American People will not tolerate a political party harassing a family for political gain.

See the links below and ask; why would anyone vote for a candidate that benefits from underhanded attacks like these?

Democrat Party’s report that includes social security number and residential addresses:



New York Time’s front page articles:




Smear job from a second-rate columnist who writes for a third-rate paper The Baltimore Sun:



Another cynical view trying to ruin Palin’s image before she even speaks to the American People:



This is the usual playbook for the Democratic National Party. Democrat operatives fraudulently accessed Michael Steele’s credit report after obtaining his social security number in 2005 when Steele was preparing to run for a senate seat that was to be vacated. Now, they are pulling the same illegal tricks to ruin a woman’s candidacy before she can pose a threat to Obama’s campaign. It is pretty clear from the Saddleback Forum that Obama cannot win in a contest of competing ideas. While they claim that Obama’s associations with David Ayers and Antoin Rezko are off limits even though Obama offers no answers and those relationships point to a real problem of Obama’s bad character judgment and it’s potentially disastrous effects on national security. If the Democrats think they can take the Oval Office by focusing on a teenage girl going through a very dramatic time in her life, one can only hope that the American People will reject their efforts.




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