Video of Obama Comments about the Bible that are Unbelievable

While I couldn’t find just raw video without the narrator hammering home how horrible these remarks are, I still wanted to have access to this video somewhere on the Anti-Obamassiah Refuge. It’s hard to justify a Christian of any faith making these kinds of mocking comments about the Bible in any context. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that I would be offended. I’ve been very bitter since Obama started campaigning and the chance he could win has me clinging pretty hard to my guns and religion.

The whole speech can be found on Obama’s Illinois government website at:

The full text shows how radical Obama is as far as wanting to banish any hint of faith from government. He also gives a glimpse into his twisted sense of religion. In fact, this speech showes that he places liberal government policies above any faith or religious teaching in his life. Is this the man we want running the country? A man who feels that no one can outlaw an atrocity such as partial birth abortion for moral reasons because he feels his entrenchment in the liberal mantra of “moral relativism” absolves him from any moral obligation to his actions in government. He actually feels it is his duty to make decisions without any set of values guiding him because as he says, “America is a pluralistic society.” Therefore, his reasoning is, since my moral code is not the same as everyone in the country, we cannot base decisions on any moral code. It’s a convenient way for him to speak on the Illinois Senate floor against the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act and be able to go to sleep that night. Is a country governed as Obama describes the idea of the country you want to live and raise your children in?


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4 Responses to “Video of Obama Comments about the Bible that are Unbelievable”

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It’s strange to me that a person who’s central argument is that Obama took the Bible out of context would start their argument by taking Obama out of context. He didn’t even take the time to state the fact that Obama was supporting separation of church and state. As a Christian I am a huge supporter of the separation of church and state. His point was that if we allow the bible to determine how a nation is lead, whose interpretation of the Bible should we follow? Even within Christianity there are millions of interpretations of scripture. Also, the separation of church and state prevents political leaders from declaring national religions. I wonder how many christians would suddenly support separation if a Jew or Muslim were elected president. And finally it is that same separation that allows people to speak freely about their religious beliefs, that allows them to make statements, and even allows them to post videos on the internet supporting those beliefs. . . not unlike this very video. So your point was indeed strongly made, although it probably wasn’t the point you intended to make. Below is a scripture that I found. You can interperate it how you’d like, and no one will make you follow it because we live in a free country.

Titus 3:1-2 (New International Version)
New International Version (NIV)

1Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, 2to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility toward all men.

It apparently has been taken down from his site. Gee, wonder why!

The Sermon on the Mount is, indeed, a radical statement, since Jesus called us to a radical new life that includes turning the other cheek, praying for our enemies and returning good for evil. And it is true that our Defense Department couldn’t be governed by these principles – for the reason that not all Americans subscribe to them or to Biblical authority, and we can’t force that. As one who does accept Biblical authority, I am trying to live my life by the Sermon on the Mount, but of course I find it difficult to do things like “turn the other cheek” or give a man my cloak if he demands my tunic because it goes against my natural inclination for self-defense or protecting my self and my possessions. I’m constantly, prayerfully trying to seek God’s wisdom and spirit about to whom I should “turn the other cheek,” and I find it interesting that you have so clearly decided what Jesus would or would not advocate in this regard. I’m certainly not claiming it includes terrorists, but I believe there is a depth and even mystery to his words that we are often unwilling to explore. I would be interested in hearing how you are so certain about what Jesus would or would not advocate in terms of turning the other cheek, and why you think it is condescending to say that the aims of a secular, pluralistic government and the government of the kingdom of God – even in America – must always be somewhat at odds because of our fallen, sinful condition. You can email me at

I have never heard of anything so dangerous and I don’t know why EVERYONE, including non Christians, can believe in him and it does seem like people BELIEVE in him.

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    Is this really a new type of politician? Or is the Obama machine just using politics as usual in their campaign?


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