Here’s the Link to the New Site…

Posted on May 6, 2009. Filed under: Purpose |

I have finally got the new site ready for public viewing. While there will probably be a few format changes over the next few months as I tweek a few different things, all new content will be posted to the newly created Donkey-Riding Commies Corral. Please visit the new site and pass the link on to anyone who you think might be interested, amused, or infuriated by what’s there. Here’s the link, please use it early and often and thanks for reading.




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New Site is Almost Ready…

Posted on April 28, 2009. Filed under: Purpose |

I wrote a long time ago that the Anti-Obamassiah Refuge was moving to a new home. In the same post, I mentioned my ignorance of site building. Well, it’s taken longer than I expected to find a workable format but it’s almost here. By the end of this week, I hope to have the new site running and functional. Eventually, everything here will be migrated over. By Friday, at the latest, I’ll post the new web address and hopefully see all of the previous readers and some new faces there. Thanks again for reading.

Update: It’s taken almost two days longer than I expected to get the hosting account set up for the new site. I haven’t got a chance to even login to start setting up the new format because there’s no access yet. My promise of having it up-and-running by today or Thursday will have to be moved back another day or two. Sorry but I’ve got some ideas for the new site that I’m really excited about. I’ll have the link up as soon as I have enough content to make it interesting. Thanks.

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The Anti-Obamassiah Refuge is Moving to a New Home!!!

Posted on November 11, 2008. Filed under: Purpose |

For all of you reading the Anti-Obamassiah Refuge, thank you for the support. For the next few weeks, there will not be any new updates besides the posting of my Tuesday articles for InsideSTL.com to the site. The reason is, work is now underway on a new site. The Anti-Obamassiah Refuge will become part of a much larger project. As soon as I get the site somewhat functional, I’ll put the link to it here. Taking that I’m building a website for the first time, hopefully, I can have everything running in the next couple of weeks but I’ll post the progress and web address as everything is starting to come together.

Rest assured, Obama is not getting a free ride. I’m not shutting up to “just give him a shot” or anything else just as ridiculous. From the signs we’ve already been getting on how the country is going to be governed, we’re going to need much more space than we have here to fully address all of the issues. Thanks for reading and please check back to read the weekly articles and to get updates on the progress.

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Rest Assured, the Anti-Obamassiah Refuge will Continue

Posted on November 6, 2008. Filed under: B. Hussein Obama's real record as a "reformer", Obama's Grand Plan for Change, Purpose |

In case any of you are wondering about the fate of the Anti-Obamassiah Refuge, I just want to assure everyone that we will still be here pursuing the same purpose and mission as when we were established.

Already, Obama is choosing some of the most partisan, liberal members for his cabinet and Harry Reid is out discussing the strategy to throw Joe Lieberman out of the Democrat caucus to punish him for betraying Obama. This doesn’t seem to be shaping up to be the bipartisan utopia Obama and Biden promised in the wake of their election victory. Instead, it looks like we as a nation are about to be led further to the left than ever before. I pray that God keeps a watch over the nation and keeps us from having to suffer for the actions of leadership that is more focused on punishing their detractors than keeping the nation safe and prosperous.

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Mission Statement

Posted on August 17, 2008. Filed under: Purpose |

The presidential election is nearing the homestretch. Many are considering the election a formality in, what they believe, is an enevitable Barack Hussein Obama presidency which will result in a new, better government that trancends party lines and unites the United States with its own political adversaries and also unites the US with the rest of the world. Who wouldn’t want this outcome from any election? However, from plenty of research, I am not convinced that Barack Hussein Obama is the candidate to fulfill this mission. In fact, from looking at Barack Hussein Obama’s past voting record, political moves, and associations, I am firmly under the belief that he is the candidate most likely to do the exact opposite of his campaign slogan promising “Change”, “Reform”, and “Hope.” (more…)

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    Is this really a new type of politician? Or is the Obama machine just using politics as usual in their campaign?


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