Now You Are Selfish if You Want to be Taxed Less

Posted on October 31, 2008. Filed under: B. Hussein Obama's real record as a "reformer", Obama's Grand Plan for Change |

First it was Joe Biden who said that paying higher taxes was patriotic. Since then, the maximum income level to receive tax cuts from Obama has jumped from $250,000, to $200,000, then Joe Biden said people making less than $150,000 would see tax cuts, then during the info-mercial, Obama went back to $200,000, the day after Obama’s 30-minute spot, the number went back to $250,000, and most recently, Obama surrogate New Mexico Governor Bill Richarson has said that anyone making under $120,000 a year will not see their taxes increase. All the while, Obama’s spending plans continue to grow, making it very apparent that no one will get a tax break in order to pay for all of the programs. (Never mind the fact that the “tax cuts” are more accurately described as welfare payments because 40% of the people receiving Obama’s “tax cuts” do not currently pay any part of the federal income tax burden.)

Now, Obama is on the campaign trail claiming that if you don’t want to pay higher taxes, you are “selfish.” According to Obama, if you were responsible with your finances, you didn’t get in over your head with a mortgage, and you lived within your means without getting over your head in debt and now you don’t want to bail out the minority of the population who did, you are selfish. This is not how the American system works. We are not our brothers’ keeper. We have no problem helping those who fall on hard times and need assistance but we do not reward those who buy houses, cars, and everything else with reckless abandon even though they should have known they couldn’t afford their bad decisions. Let Obama know that we don’t agree with him on November 4 and vote to keep him far from the Oval Office.

Keep in mind, Joe Biden made over $2 million last year and he gave just over $3,000 to charity. Now he wants to be generous with your money, even though he gives practically nothing of his own money to help those less fortunate than him.

Read more on Obama’s newest classification for those who disagree with his tax plan by clicking the link below.


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    Is this really a new type of politician? Or is the Obama machine just using politics as usual in their campaign?


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