If Obama Thinks We’re Bitter Now, Wait Until November 4

Posted on October 30, 2008. Filed under: B. Hussein Obama's real record as a "reformer", B. Hussein Obamaniacs and the Quasi-Religious Approach to Candidacy, Examination of Obama's past and present associations with questionable characters, Obama's Grand Plan for Change, Past Policy Voting Tendencies (Or Lack of Voting) |

As Americans are getting closer to heading to the polls, they have every right to be mad as hell about the constant attempts to deceive them that have taken place for, at least, the past 18 months. As Election Day draws near, Barack Hussein Obama is going to be the first candidate in history who was completely able to dictate the narrative of his campaign in major media sources such as the New York Times, L.A. Times, Washington Post, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, MSNBC, and the list could keep going on. Obama has been able to label any questions that he doesn’t feel like answering as attempts to stoke the flames of racism and hatred. Apparently, for the first time in history questions about illegal campaign contributions, associations with domestic and foreign terrorist organizations, and a tax policy where the income cut-off to receive tax cuts keeps sinking lower and lower are all considered off-limits for anyone to ask. Obama’s campaign has even used their surrogates in state and local governments to get personal information used to smear a common citizen whose only crime was asking Obama a policy question. Yes, voters have every reason to be mad as hell when heading to the polls. By voting Obama, Americans are only setting themselves up for plenty more reasons to be mad as hell for the next four years. However, if Obama’s actions throughout his political career show anything, Americans may not have the right to voice their anger under an Obama administration.

Obama holds the average Americans in contempt. He built his entire worldview on contempt for, what he sees, as a racist and inequitable nation resulting from the bigoted middle class. Perhaps this is why he is capable of flat-out lying to the electorate with absolutely no restraint. Even more disgraceful is that the media, who are most responsible for informing the voters, allow Obama to lie freely without any subject. In the case of the L.A. Times, it is now apparent that they even assisted with Obama’s lies by suppressing a video tape showing Obama at a party for a former Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) spokesman, Rashid Khalidi. The tape shows such anti-Israel activities such as a young Palestinian child reading a poem about the “Zionists” committing acts of terrorism. Mark Levin stated on his nightly radio show that credible source said that the tape shows that Obama made very shocking remarks to invigorate the crowd during his toast at the party. Supposedly, the comments stated that Israelis have no God-given right to be in Palestine and that Israel is responsible for genocide of Palestinians. If the tape truly does show Obama making these statements, then the voters do have a definite right to see it for themselves. The Khalidi comments become especially disturbing since the Associated Press has reported that Palestinians are currently cold-calling American voters from the Gaza Strip to ask for their support for Obama. The Obama campaign has also been forced to return over $30,000 to Palestinians in Gaza who bought t-shirts on Obama’s website in bulk in order to contribute to his campaign. Voters should also keep in mind that Jesse Jackson, who has referred to Obama as, “part of the family” was in France in October where he told the World Policy Forum that Obama’s Middle East policy would, put a stop to the “decades of putting Israel’s interests first.” No one can forget either that the political chief of Hamas, an organization labeled a terrorist organization by the US government, was on ABC radio in April of 2006 where he stated, “We like Mr. Obama, and we hope that he will win the elections.” However, anyone who mentions all of these facts is immediately labeled as a right-wing extremist looking to personally smear Obama. Instead of criticizing voters who ask, the media should be demanding that Obama explain if he is as pro-Israel as he states he is, why is it that so many of Israel’s strongest opponents line up to support him? Anyone in the press who refuses to look for an answer to these questions beyond the Obama campaign’s talking points, has only proven that they have no business claiming to be objective sources of information.

So even though the media allows Obama to claim that there’s no politician more pro-Israel than himself without any further questions, they proceeded to dig up any negative piece of information they could about a man who merely stood in his own driveway and asked Barack Obama a question about tax policy. The man, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, better known as “Joe the Plumber,” had the unfortunate experience of having Barack Obama walk up to Wurzelbacher’s driveway while going door-to-door to drum up support. Wurzelbacher took the opportunity to voice his concerns to Obama about Obama’s tax proposals. Wurzelbacher stated that he was looking to buy the plumbing business he works for and Obama’s tax rate increase on anyone making over $250,000 (or whatever the threshold was that day) would severely limit his ability to hire more workers and expand the business. This is when Obama made his, now infamous, statement that, “When you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everyone.” With one short answer, Obama made a mistake and let the cat out of the bag to his true priorities when deciding tax and economic policies. Instead of economic growth, Obama is more concerned with finding policies that focus on social justice, thus the redistribution of income from those he considers well off to those not as successful. Even though it was Obama’s mistake, who took the fall for his bad answer? Wurzelbacher is who took the fall. Almost immediately after making the comments, the media had drug out all sorts of negative news about Wurzelbacher such as he did not have a current plumbers license, he owed back taxes, and even went so far as to imply that he is not even registered to vote. How would any of this information make Obama’s answer about his true tax policy goals any less relevant? Both Obama and Biden went on the warpath against the average American who asked a question of Obama when he showed up, unannounced, in Wurzelbacher’s driveway. Biden told Jay Leno on the Tonight Show that he wasn’t aware of any plumbers who make a quarter-million dollars a year. At a rally, Obama mocked John McCain for fighting for a guy who’s a plumber. News came out on October 29 that Julie McConnell, a clerk for the Toledo Police Department, is being brought up on charges of gross misconduct because she accessed Wurzelbacher’s official records after the third debate. The Toledo Police Department has also stated that Wurzelbacher’s records were illegally accessed a total of four times. So far, one search has been accounted for, now who made the other three searches and to who in the Obama campaign did they send the information?

The blog, Flopping Aces makes a very good point about the uproar when it was discovered that State Department officials ran searches on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. After the reports came out, it was front page news for the next few weeks. The Clinton and Obama searches ended up in a widely publicized investigation and people ended up losing their jobs for the actions. When is the press going to feel outraged over government officials using their positions to assault a common citizen whose only mistake was to trust Obama when approached in his own driveway? Wurzelbacher made the mistake of crossing Barack Obama and this is how Obama’s cronies in the government punished him for Obama’s mistake of speaking about his true policy goals. How will Obama and his supporters use their governmental powers to suppress questions if Obama gets into the Oval Office? Americans can count on an assault on both their freedom to question their government and their freedom to prosper.

Obama’s true feelings about average Americans were perfectly summed up last April at a San Francisco fundraiser where only the wealthiest of the liberal elites were present. During his speech, which he thought would never be heard by anyone outside of the room, Obama said, “You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them… And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” These were Obama’s comments when he was among his closest of allies. These comments came when Obama thought the cameras and tape recorders were off and he was finally able to drop the campaign act and speak from his heart. This is the same Obama who claims that John McCain is completely out of touch with the middle-class. This is the same Obama who said in a radio interview in 2001 that he was disappointed with the Constitution for not allowing the government to do more to the people. He also said that he wished the Supreme Court would have pursued policies that were more distributive of wealth during the Civil Rights Movement. It doesn’t take a right-wing extremist to understand that the redistribution of wealth was the number one main priority in Marx’s vision of socialism. However, when a news anchor asked a very rare and uncharacteristically hard question of Joe Biden if Obama’s policies were socialist, Biden smirked and asked her if it was a real question. After the interview, the Obama campaign told the station that they were cancelling the already-scheduled interview with Biden’s wife and they were also cutting them out of any future interview opportunities. Not long after the Obama campaign made their announcements, the Obama-infatuated media then proceeded to report relentlessly about the anchorwoman’s husband in an effort to ruin her professional reputation. All of this was because someone on the Obama campaign was actually asked a non-softball question. Once again, the Obama campaign went into attack mode on an average American because she didn’t blindly buy into Obama’s policies and talking points.

This is the same Obama who also told his followers at a rally outside of Las Vegas to argue with their neighbors and friends and “get in their face” to tell them that Obama “supports the Second Amendment.” This is the first presidential campaign in a very long time where the candidates will not have been asked in a widely publicized event, such as a presidential debate, about their views of the Second Amendment. Perhaps the question has been avoided because Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the most anti-gun ticket to ever run for president. Throughout Obama’s political career he has never found a gun control bill that he would not vote for. He has publically stated that he believes all handguns should be banned. Obama even served on the board of the Joyce Foundation which gives substantial funding to many groups who advocate gun control and outright banning of private ownership of firearms. During an interview, Obama also stated that he has always opposed concealed carry permits and he always will work to prohibit the practice. The same politician who believes abortion in all forms should be legalized and is protected as a fundamental freedom despite the fact that no voter has ever been allowed to express their support or opposition to the issue wants to create a federal law to abolish all state conceal carry laws which the voters in each state approved. After the Partial Birth Abortion Ban was upheld by the Supreme Court, Obama falsely stated that the bill was not just a ban a single form of abortion. (And the most barbaric and savage form at that.) He said, “Some people argue that the federal ban on abortion was just an isolated effort aimed at one medical procedure…That presumption is also wrong.” Yet Obama doesn’t consider banning handguns an infringement on law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment rights. Obama will fight to protect abortion at all costs, even though there is no explicit Constitutional right granted, rather the Supreme Court created the right. But he will stop at nothing to abolish the explicit right granted in the Second Amendment which states “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” While in the Illinois State Senate, Obama voted against absolving homeowners of criminal charges who protect themselves and their families from a home invader by using a handgun, despite living in a community where they are banned. He voted against the bill and, despite his vote, the bill passed. Obama then voted against it again when he was one of a handful of senators who voted against overriding the governor’s veto. Luckily for Illinois residents, there was a majority in the state senate to override the veto. If Obama takes office with a supermajority in both houses of Congress, nothing will be able to stop him from rubberstamping any anti-gun legislation. Gun owners should be appalled. From his history, Obama has supported raising taxes on firearms and ammunition by 500%, raising the legal age to own a firearm to 21, and even to ban most calibers of ammunition used for hunting. Despite his horrible record of working to destroy gun owners’ rights, Obama has still not been questioned in the media when he claims to be a supporter of the Second Amendment. If the media has their way, no one will even consider it an issue when they go to the ballot boxes on November 4.

Obama writes in his memoirs about his grandmother’s racism when she once came home afraid because a beggar, who was black, was acting aggressively to her as she went to the bus stop. (It should be noted that his “racist” grandmother rode the bus to work because she and Obama’s grandfather sacrificed heavily to send Obama to the most prestigious private school in Hawaii.) Obama labeled her racist during the campaign when it surfaced that he had been a member of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s hate-based church for the past 20 years. When the media started showing clips of Rev. Wright yelling during his sermons, phrases such as, “No, no, no, not God bless America, God damn America,” and referring to the US as the “United States KKK of A,” Obama claimed that Wright was just like the old uncle in everyone’s family who says things that shock people. He then went on to claim that he could no more disassociate with Wright, than he could with his own grandmother who was racially prejudiced as he related the story about his grandmother and the beggar. Throughout his autobiographies, Obama discusses how he formed his view of the world through extremists like Malcom X, the communist poet Frank Marshal Davis, and how he relied on spiritual leaders such as Rev. Wright and extremist priest Father Pfleger who once threatened to “snuff out” a Chicago gun shop owner where Pfleger was protesting. With this background, Obama’s comments about rural Americans being bitter and clinging to guns and religion starts to give voters a glimpse into Obama’s true views of the United States. It becomes more difficult to dismiss his wife Michelle Obama’s quote that she was proud of her country for the first time in her adult life while she was campaigning for her husband. All commentators want to claim that Obama is a true patriot and his past quotes and associations do not take away from his love of his country. This is unbelievable when looking at Obama’s history as a whole. In fact, the only conclusion that someone could reasonably draw is that Obama is a bitter member of society, clinging to his cynicism and racial divide which creates animosity to those not like him.

On November 4, voters need to let Obama know just how bitterl they are from Obama’s insults by voting for McCain. Personally, I am not a large supporter of McCain and I never really have been. But when faced with the prospect of McCain running the country or Obama taking control with a sympathetic Congress and the possibility of appointing up to three Supreme Court justices, the choice becomes crystal clear. Obama will pursue policies of social justice and economic equality that will tear apart the capitalist system that has helped America become the most prosperous nation in the history of civilization. The US and global economies will take decades to recover from the socialist policies Obama promises to pursue. No American will receive a tax cut. Obama’s new spending programs costs, at least, four times as much as his projected tax revenues even after his tax rate hikes. Every American will no longer be working for their own prosperity, instead they will be working twice as hard because they will be forced to not only cover their own needs, and even harder to cover their tax liability. Voters should be mad as hell that Obama and his surrogates in the media have done everything possible to send them into the voting booth without making Obama answer for his lies and contradictions. Voters should let their bitterness help them retire Obama back to the Senate where he can become a footnote of history as the socialist who came closest to being president of the United States of America.


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