Obama and his Allies’ Despicable Plan

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The time has now come for, not only Republicans, but for anyone who believes in the fundamental freedoms protected in the Bill of Rights to step up and hold Obama and his rabid supporters accountable for their agenda of freedom-suppression for anyone not mesmerized by Obama and his message. The line has officially been crossed by Obama who has asked Missouri prosecutors and law enforcement officials to watch for “misleading television ads aired before the election.” His requests have been granted and prosecutors and law enforcement officials have said they will bring charges against anyone they see airing ads that fit the campaign’s descriptions of an unfair attack on Obama. On Thursday, September 25, the blog Gateway Pundit posted a piece centered on a news story aired on KMOV-TV that discussed the recent formation of “truth squads” who have publically stated that they will be looking to take action against any ad criticizing Obama that they feel is untruthful. These “truth squads,” better described as tyrannical threats to free political speech, include St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce and St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McColluch along with “certain law officials” made up of several sheriffs’ departments.

Among topics they will apparently prosecute someone for discussing is Obama’s religion and calling Obama anything but a model Christian along with questioning whether Obama can actually lower taxes for everyone making below $250,000 a year. These are elected officials in a position to prosecute common citizens for voicing their opinions about Obama. The worst part about this is that the Obama campaign asked them to start keeping vigil against any negative ads. This is how Obama is looking to punish anyone who speaks negatively of him and he’s not even in the White House. Imagine what steps he will take when he is in power to really quiet dissent. This is the most anti-American request any elected official has ever made to any government official in a position of power. George Bush has endured eight years of vile, hate-filled attacks that claim everything such as he was behind the attacks on September 11, claims that he started the Iraq War because he is in bed with the oil companies and Halliburton, and accusing him of supporting Israel only to fulfill the evangelical Christian vision of Revelations. Not once has anyone been prosecuted for making any outrageous claim they want about Bush, and no one ever should be as long as they are only speaking of their opinions. Even when Tom Brokaw was found to have forged official military documents with the purpose of influencing a national election, nothing was done to him. Yes, he was basically forced to resign because no one could trust him to deliver news but he was never charged with any of the federal crimes he committed by his stunt.

Now, Obama, who is supposed to be the politician above party politics who is able to unite the country, has given elected judicial officials along with crime enforcement officials the order to prosecute anyone who dares to not go along with his impossible claims that he will be able to institute massive spending programs and still be able to lower taxes for everyone with a household income below $250,000. They can start by prosecuting me because I am saying that Obama will absolutely not be able to make these tax cuts with his insane ideas such as providing universal healthcare. Also, Joyce and McColluch can start the suit because due to Obama’s infatuation with blocking any limitation to abortion and his twenty-year membership in a church whose theology is centered on racial hatred and division; Obama is not a follower of true Christianity. Even though I could give plenty of evidence to support my assertions, I am not going to because the First Amendment allows me to express my opinions no matter how factually-based they are. On top of this, I will also say that Obama is the most dishonest politician to come forth in generations who is willing to say absolutely anything he feels will get him in office. Anyone who reads the second chapter of Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals titled “Of Ways and Means” will quickly see how faithfully Obama subscribes to Alinsky’s view that any means are justified in order to reach a desired goal. Among methods included in Alinsky’s justifiable actions are lying and even violence if there are no other means available. This philosophy is why Obama can keep a straight face when he tells the American People that he supports their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms despite his voting record that explicitly shows the contrary. Therefore, the St. Louis City and County prosecutors can also read my opinion that Obama is flat-out lying about his intentions of not only gun control but wide-sweeping bans of all guns which would start with handguns and semi-automatic rifles and will quickly move to any other firearms owned by private citizens.

I have left a message with Missouri Senator Bond about this along with speaking to representatives of the MO Republican Party and the McCain campaign. I have just been called back by the McCain campaign and told that they are receiving many complaints about this blatant threat to citizens’ First Amendment Rights initiated by the Obama campaign and they instructed me to watch tonight’s news because they are beginning to take action. I urge everyone else to contact representatives of government and voice your concern about this attempt to quiet any dissent through elected officials’ and law enforcement officials’ abuse of the powers entrusted to them by the people. Even though television ads were all that was mentioned in the news report, what would draw the line on who could be a target?

In researching for posts on the Anti-Obamassiah Refuge, I accumulate a ton of links to important articles about Obama and his associates. One folder I keep in my favorites is reserved for the likes of Tony Rezko and Franklin Raines and it’s titled, “Slimeballs on Obama’s Campaign.” Joyce and McColluch have found their way into this folder through their disgusting, anti-American threat against the American right to freedom of speech. Just by making this request, Obama has only further proven that he has no interest in uniting people of different ideologies, nor is he interested in breaking from his extreme liberal views. Instead, he is only willing to silence any dissent and get rid of any competition, just as he did in the first election he won in Illinois where he had all of the other candidates thrown off of the ballot so he was running unopposed. If Obama is looking to trample our rights as a candidate, he will completely destroy them as president.

Watch the KMOV-TV video here: http://www.kmov.com/video/index.html?nvid=285793&shu=1


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