Did Obama Even Listen to any of McCain’s Speech?

Posted on September 6, 2008. Filed under: News on Obama's Competition, Obama's Grand Plan for Change |

Obama’s campaign is making blatant lies about the content of John McCain’s acceptance speech. Last night on CNN’s Larry King live, King interviewed Obama supporters about the effectiveness of McCain’s speech that vowed to take on entrenched politicians on both sides of the aisle to fix the problems not only in Washington but also for the American People. Robert Gibbs, a senior Obama advisor responded to King’s question about the effectiveness with this outright lie about what he just got done watching, “But, you know, Larry, I think a lot of people like me watched this speech, a lot of people sitting in houses and homes in Youngstown, Ohio and Scranton, Pennsylvania, wondering whether John McCain was going to outline for them a plan to get this economy moving again, to make health care more affordable, to break the grip of special interests and break our dependence on foreign oil. And I think, like me, a lot of those people are sitting around wondering why they didn’t hear any of that tonight.” What speech did he just finish watching? I guess he missed when John McCain gave the plan to not just sink government funds into keeping outdated jobs that are not going to be around but to rather use community colleges to train American workers for new, higher skilled jobs relating to new, developing technologies and industries that hold the jobs of the future. Gibbs must have been out getting a snack when McCain also said he would provide them assistance to make up for lower salaries while workers train for new careers. Gibbs must have been out, taking a phone call when McCain discussed the private sector solutions he would seek to the health insurance problems facing some Americans. Now that I am out of excuses for Gibbs, I can only say that he must just be outright lying about not hearing McCain’s plan to use every resource available to break the addiction to foreign oil. McCain said the US would count on developing wind, clean coal, nuclear power, and domestic drilling. How can this be interpreted as not even mentioning a plan to get off of foreign oil? Not only did McCain give real solutions to the issues Obama and his supporters refuse to address, McCain gave solutions that are more than just a plan to tax and spend. In every one of his solutions, Obama found a way to grow government and only discuss solutions centered on increased government spending.

McCain’s energy plan was more than just spending $150 billion dollars to develop alternative sources of energy. However, this plan was enough for Obama and his supporters to hang their hat on as being the energy solution with no further details. No one is even questioning how Obama arrives at the idea that the outlay of $150 billion over ten years will result the creation of 5 million more jobs. Obama does have a record of supporting alternative bio fuels, which has resulted in ethanol companies and large corporate farms, especially in his home state of Illinois and the battleground state of Iowa, receiving billions of dollars in federal money. Not to mention the added revenue from driving corn futures through the roof from ethanol’s effect of tying energy prices to food prices. Every year since coming to Washington, Obama has increased the government mandated ethanol requirements along with the special income tax credits for ethanol producers and the subsidies for ethanol production, processing, and distribution. These subsidies continue to grow each year with Obama’s support. He has supported ethanol despite the horrible inefficiencies, as David Freddoso cites in The Case Against Barack Obama, “America’s entire 6.5 billion gallon of ethanol production created the net energy equivalent of 2.2 days worth of American gasoline consumption.” Freddoso also says that ethanol production is so inefficient that government subsidized corn ethanol production was like spending $9.00 to create a gallon of gasoline, and doing it 853 million times. Also, Obama only seems to care about high futures prices in the oil market. You never hear him mention one word about the skyrocketing prices of corn which have led to food shortages around the developing world and caused many countries to experience food riots. The food riots have made, once huge ethanol supporter, Democrat US Senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin reassess his long-time support for ethanol. Food shortages and huge proven inefficiencies haven’t swayed Obama on his ethanol support.  High futures market prices are apparently only a problem in the oil markets. Would he have the same problem with the high oil futures if Illinois had oil fields? And while Obama is claiming John McCain is just another version of George Bush who will act in the interest of big oil, Obama should remember that he voted yes on July 29, 2005 to a bill that gave tax breaks and incentives to encourage oil and gas companies to increase exploration and come up with innovative ways to reduce energy dependence. When Obama throws stones at McCain’s record, perhaps he should first look up whether he also voted in support of the same issue.

I actually heard an Obama supporter on Fox News Friday claim that McCain did not address the area of education. All I could think was, is this really the best person the Obama campaign could provide? She had better not be the cream of the crop or else Obama will have to call in sick to every debate. The idea that McCain did not have a plan to improve education is outrageous. Not only did McCain address education, he called it the civil rights issue of our time. Obama, apparently gave an in-depth plan in his acceptance speech when he said, “I’ll recruit an army of new teachers and pay them higher salaries and give them more support. And in exchange, I’ll ask for higher standards and more accountability.” Sounds like Obama, wanting to just throw more tax money at the problem and hope if fixes itself. Anyone who watched McCain’s speech with the sound actually turned on heard his plan to provide American families with the ability to choose what they think is the best method of educating their children. American parents would be able to choose between vouchers, charter schools, home schools, and even better public schools. While Obama gives more consideration to appeasing the teachers’ unions by offering six-figure salaries and pledging to let them decide on the criteria for merit-based pay systems, he is viciously opposed to giving parents any other choice on their children’s educations outside of the public school systems. (For Obama’s record on school reform, see previous post in Anti-Obamassiah Refuge, Change we Can’t Accept for Education.)

In these public school systems, Obama has worked harder for the teachers than students. He in no way supports average working parents being given the same choice he and his wife have made for their children by sending them to expensive private schools. However, to Obama’s credit, if I had as much inside information about how many concessions have been made to the teachers and how they are not held accountable whatsoever for failing to educate students, I probably wouldn’t send my children to them either. McCain, on the other hand, did speak of taking down barriers to recruiting the best educators and increase their pay to retain them. Unlike Obama’s plan, McCain also pledged to remove bad, ineffective teachers from the classroom. Obama will never support any of McCain’s plans which favor putting the control of children’s educations in the hands of parents instead of teachers’ unions and bureaucrats.

Unlike Obama’s energy plan that he claims will end up magically creating 5 million new jobs. McCain gives an energy plan to guarantee new job creation. While he gave no estimate of how many jobs in his speech, simple logic tells us that jobs will be created with his plan. This is through his pledge to begin building new nuclear power plants, exponentially increasing offshore drilling, and the development of clean coal energy sources. All of McCain’s energy solutions are guaranteed to create jobs at all levels. This is more than just doling out more government money to many of the same recipients Obama has funneled money to over the years. By promising the building of new power plants nationwide, McCain is calling for specific projects that will give many employment opportunities through the construction of the facilities and even more careers throughout the life of them. Another great aspect of the jobs created by McCain’s energy plan is that none of them will be additions to the government payrolls. Instead they will be jobs that will increase the tax base and contribute to the GDP of the United States. While providing more private-sector employment, McCain’s new energy sources will work to lower energy prices for all American energy consumers. This is a solution with real results, rather than just spending $15 billion a year to existing companies to develop ideas that won’t be implemented widely for a decade. Sure we have to encourage the development of these new energy sources but we also have to a solution to decrease foreign oil dependence in the interim. The US cannot afford to maintain the status quo while we hope for a solution.

In his books, as written in previous posts on the Anti-Obamassiah Refuge, Obama has declared when referring to the unions that support his campaigns, “I owe those unions.” Whether he is discussing fixing schools or addressing the unemployment rate, Obama bases all of his proposals on the idea that he has an obligation to the unions who support him. When Obama claims he has a better plan for addressing unemployment and keeping jobs here instead of shipping them overseas, it is obvious that he lets the obligation he feels towards the unions interfere with addressing the real problem in solving unemployment. John McCain spoke directly to the American worker who is facing losing his job because it’s either being outsourced overseas or the company is in a dying industry. Even though the Obama team doesn’t acknowledge he spoke about unemployment, they very well know that McCain not only mentioned the problem but he blew Obama’s solution out of the water. McCain’s plan cuts directly to the underlying cause of most jobs that are disappearing in the United States. The global economy rewards the most efficient firms. The American workforce is the most high-skilled and high-paid labor force in the world when compared workers in developing countries. In his plan, McCain said that the solution is not to decrease participation in the global economy by mandating old jobs in dying industries stay where they are. The solution is to retrain the American worker for new jobs in the new industries that are growing instead of dying. He plans on using the community colleges to train workers and he also had a plan to supplement workers who have to take a pay cut to train and start a new career. This is a real solution to a complex problem that cannot be solved by appeasing all of the union heads. Obama’s plan to keep jobs here is undoubtedly full of the decades-old union talking points of trade barriers and restrictive tariffs. Although Obama did not give any specifics as to how he would keep companies from outsourcing overseas, it is apparent that he is talking about placing trade restrictions with the markets that jobs are outsourced to. Protectionism will not help Obama grow the economy one bit. Only free markets and free trade grow economies and that is what McCain focuses on. McCain also discussed how making US businesses more competitive on the foreign market will only increase demand for US good and services and is the best way to allow companies to hire more workers. This cannot be accomplished by following Obama’s trade restrictive, protectionist policies he has supported in the past such as Obama’s voted against Senate Bill 1307 on June 30, 2005. The bill would have established a free trade zone between America and Central American countries. Obama voted against the legislation which was also not supported by American unions. While protectionist policies are a good way to garner support from America’s union heads, it is not a realistic way to solve the nation’s future employment needs. From looking at the employment policies Obama supports and the ones that he claims John McCain did not make, we see the solution that has the country’s economy and American worker’s as the top priority rather than Obama’s plan that seems to have in mind the unions which he feels an obligation. Obama’s plan is not to develop future industries and promote the retraining of America’s workforce for jobs that will be around for the long haul, instead, Obama would rather just use the government payrolls to subsidize dying industries and use government money to keep workers pigeon-holed in dying industries and in jobs that are no longer needed or as profitable in today’s economy.

It is perfectly expected for Obama and his supporters to debate his proposed solutions as opposed to John McCain’s. But to just claim that John McCain hasn’t proposed any solutions is a flat-out lie. Perhaps though, that is the only way Obama can argue McCain’s policies. Rather than debate the merits which is a debate Obama would lose, he would rather insult the American voters’ intelligence by claiming his opponent offered no solutions when anyone who watched McCain’s acceptance speech knows otherwise. However, Obama has not debated McCain on the issues during this whole campaign. Now that Obama realizes the cult of personality his campaign has been based on will not win the election, he is trying to advance his claim that McCain has not even mentioned the nation’s problems and instead only wants to talk about personality traits. The American voter is not stupid and they do not appreciate being told what is and what is not in their best interest. Obama is feeling a hit in the poles after John McCain’s acceptance speech. Over the 60 days left before the election, Obama will continue to lose support as McCain shows that we can solve the nation’s problems without increasing every American’s tax burden.


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