People in Glass Brothels Shouldn’t Throw Stones

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A Democrat stalwart came out Tuesday to weigh in on whether Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter’s pregnancy should be included in campaign attacks. Democrat Representative Barney Frank told the Associated Press that the state of Palin’s family should be considered fair game. In an effort to not let Rep. Frank down, there will be a brief analysis of the situation in Palin’s family compared to the esteemed Barney Frank who, as you shall soon see, is not a stranger to having affairs in his own household brought to the light of the media. Frank has his own story about a tumultuous household full of sex, lies and cover-ups. Even though no one in the Palin camp has lied or covered-up anything, Frank still wants to continue attacking a 17-year-old girl who is going through attacks that no teenager should ever subject to. So, in an effort to play by Barney Frank’s rules, here is the Frank vs. Palin comparison. At the end, you tell me who you would rather trust with national affairs.

It was in 1987 that Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank had an interesting situation exposed that had been occurring in his home over the previous year-and-a-half. Make no mistake, Barney Frank was in his elected office and he was indeed Congressman Frank at the time, but anyway, back to the story. Congressman Frank had apparently hired a new “personal aide” out of his own personal funds back in 1985. The aide turned out to be Stephen Gobie. Gobie’s ad had caught Frank’s eye when he advertised his “personal aide” skills with the words, “tight buns” and a “large endowment.” It seems that Frank must have had to take a lot of work home or had extensive personal tax statements and other papers that would require a live-in personal aide to help him organize it all. Another interesting qualification Gobie had for the position is that at the time, Gobie was on probation for drug possession and possession of child pornography. Despite knowing this, Frank hired Gobie and they carried on what the Boston Globe refers to as a “clandestine” affair.

Barney Frank treated his new boy toy – or “personal aide” as he called him, very well. Frank had all 33 of Gobie’s outstanding parking tickets fixed and also wrote a letter to get Gobie off of probation in a letter the Boston Globe said was “disingenuous at best and outright deceptive at worst.” Frank must have wanted to take his “personal aide” to a romantic getaway in another state and the “personal aide’s” probation wouldn’t allow it, love is hard when probation for possession of child pornography is involved.

Well, all good love stories eventually come to an end. Especially when you are an old overweight guy and the boy of your dreams is into child pornography. This relationship was doomed from the beginning. Frank ended the relationship and Gobie ended up going to the press to expose the little business that had been operating out of Frank’s apartment for the previous 18 months. It seems little Gobie had been running a gay prostitution ring, unbeknown to Frank right out of Frank’s apartment. Of course, Frank adamantly claimed that he knew nothing about the operation and who would question that? I’m sure his apartment was so large that all sorts of illicit rings could have operated without drawing any of Congressman Frank’s suspicions. It must have been contained solely to the wing of his apartment opposite of Frank’s bedroom in the cloak of darkness.

Who wouldn’t believe Barney Frank wouldn’t have had a clue of what was going on? Barney Frank was stunned that anyone would even think he knew about the prostitution ring, I mean, he had ethics. Sure those ethics didn’t restrict him from paying for a live-in male prostitute’s services for a year and a half, and sure his ethics didn’t have a problem fixing Gobie’s parking tickets and writing letters to try and deceptively get Gobie’s probation for POSSESSION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY (emphasis added) cut short. No, Barney Frank’s ethics had strict limits and they stopped right at the border of being the madam of a gay bordello.

What did Frank do when the other shoe dropped and the reporters were swarming, The Boston Globe was calling for his resignation, and the House Ethics Committee was looking to take action? Why, he claimed that anyone looking to punish him was homophobic and persecuting him for his lifestyle. The House ended up voting across party lines to reprimand him and basically nothing else was made of the scandal. As the years came and went, Barney Frank is referred to as a courageous congressman who came out of the closet during the socially repressive Reagan Administration. What was sad about the whole situation is that he got away with it. His behavior had nothing to do with homosexuality; it had everything to do with Frank’s absence of any moral compass whatsoever. Had Frank been a Republican running a heterosexual brothel out of his house, he would still be in jail. When Republican Congressman Mark Foley set his bag down and tapped his foot in an airport bathroom, the press blew up and he was immediately called on to step down. But when Frank runs a gay brothel out of his own apartment, he heralded as a hero for admitting he’s gay. In my mind this is a huge slap in the face to homosexuals in this country. To allow Frank to insinuate that his illicit behavior and perversion went hand-in-hand with his sexuality sets the gay rights’ movement back many, many years.  

Now that we have taken a good look at the background of the man pushing to make a campaign issue out of Gov. Palin’s 17-year-old daughter, Bristol’s, unplanned pregnancy, it is time to take a look at the Palin situation. It appears that Bristol has been involved with a young man, Levi Johnston, for the last few years. They attended the same high school where they were both seniors until the pregnancy was discovered. After the pregnancy, Bristol was moved to a different high school in an effort to save her some uncomfortable situations with others in the school who knew her. In a Sept. 2nd Associated Press interview, Sherry Johnston, Levi’s mother, said that Bristol and Levi had announced that they were planning to get married long before Bristol became pregnant. This is the same story of how many people came to be into this world as an unexpected surprise during their parents’ late teen years.

Now that Bristol is pregnant, Sarah Palin is demonstrating that she lives by the beliefs she speaks passionately about on the campaign trail. Sarah’s first opportunity to prove her conviction came a few months ago with the birth of her youngest son. She and her husband knew that the infant would be born with Down syndrome and require special care. Even though the Palins were aware of the child’s disability, they did not terminate the pregnancy as many might consider. In the case of Bristol’s pregnancy, I’m sure they knew when Sarah took the vice presidential nominee, that her daughter’s unplanned pregnancy was going to come under national scrutiny and become an issue for the McCain campaign. Even knowing this though, the family values that Sarah has passed along to her family shined through and Bristol is now about four months away from being a mother. Obama has said when referring to what he calls the fundamental sacred “right” of abortion that he wants it to remain legal because, as he said, “I don’t want my daughters punished with a baby.”

The Palin family is getting hammered in the press because they don’t share Obama’s view that a baby is punishment for a mistake. Instead, they believe that a baby is never punishment; it is a new human being that becomes a responsibility once it starts life as soon as the egg is fertilized.

Now, Congressman Frank, which situation do you think should be more relevant in a campaign? In your case you were paying for sex which is illegal, abusing your position to fix parking tickets for the prostitute and attempt to have his probation for possession of child pornography dropped which is unethical and illegal, and you were running a prostitution ring out of your apartment which is also illegal. But as soon as you were caught, you hid behind your homosexuality as a way to deflect any criticism as indications of your critics’ homophobia. You still get elected year in and year out even though you allowed all of this to happen. Now, a vice presidential candidate has a daughter with an unplanned pregnancy. No money was involved in the act that created the pregnancy. No child pornography convicts were petitioned to have their sentences cut short. And definitely, neither the Palins nor the Johnstons were allowing a prostitution ring to function in their own homes. Just because you live in a state where the voters obviously are more caught up in partisan politics than picking respectable people for office, doesn’t mean the whole country is going to allow you to play moral director of campaign attacks. You are advocating that the national media pick on a young lady who is going through what is probably the most dramatic and unsure time in her life. Especially with your sordid past, who are you to question a family that is sticking together and taking responsibility for their actions? At least Bristol isn’t claiming she knew nothing about what got her pregnant, however, maybe if she did you wouldn’t see the need to go after her.


Note: All of the events written about Barney Frank’s past were taken from other sources, mainly the Boston Globe, the links below will take you to all of the sites I used for information on Frank.

Link below is the article where Frank made his comment that started it all.



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