VP Pick Shows More Politics as Usual, Voters Left Still ‘Hoping’ for ‘Change’

Posted on August 23, 2008. Filed under: B. Hussein Obama's real record as a "reformer" |

Since the news first came at about 1:30 AM, full coverage of Obama’s VP pick of Senator Joseph Biden will have to come later this weekend. However, the link below from SourceWatch.org gives a very good overview of the ratings he has received over the years from the special interest groups. Just a quick look will show that his ratings almost mirror Obama’s except, Biden doesn’t always score perfect with NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Don’t worry, he consistantly ranked high enough to surely please Obama. He also gets failing grades from any gun rights groups, just like his boss. It must also please his boss that unions rate Biden with as high of ratings as Obama many perfect scores. The first impression of this campaign move is below.

The Obama campaign is still continuing with normal liberal politics. He has still not done anything a Democratic candidate would not be expected to do. His vice presidential pick is just as liberal as he is and there is no indication in any of Obama’s past and present actions that he would seek other points of view outside of his own extremely liberal beliefs. There is nothing unethical about a Democrat running as a Democrat. But if that’s what he is doing, Obama needs to drop the mantra of being a different type of politician that will tear down the partisan dividing lines. (It will probably never happen because even Obama must know that it’s suicide for a liberal to admit their real agendas to the voting public.)

So with this selection of a running mate who crosses party lines about as much as Obama, which we know doesn’t happen, the voters are still waiting for the policies that will bring about his hope” and “change.” It can be assumed Biden will not hit the campaign circuit until he masters using his secret decoder ring to decipher Obama’s point when he mentions his favorite words. (There must be some system of understanding what he means because it’s clear Obama won’t be helping voters understand his plan to abolish party politics and bring about real hope, change, and reform.)

How is selection helping to elevate above party politics as usual that Obama claims is ripping the country apart? It is being widely discussed that McCain will appoint former Democrat Joe Lieberman to a cabinet position. That would be real change. Even though Lieberman is an independent, he was only booted from the Democrat Party for his views on Iraq. Otherwise, Lieberman still holds most views of his old party. Appointing Lieberman is a real example of crossing the aisle and being above the party politics. How is Biden anything other than the same liberal policies Obama has touted through his whole political career?



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    Is this really a new type of politician? Or is the Obama machine just using politics as usual in their campaign?


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