Second Amendment Support that Only Obama Could Give

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Obama is a staunch supporter of abortion rights. He opposes any restriction of what he deems is a fundamental constitutional right. While he sees no problem finding the wording in the Constitution to declare abortion a fundamental right, he is not able to gather from the Second Amendment that United States citizens to have a universal right to firearm ownership. Obama expressed his deep concerns for the recent Supreme Court decision in Heller v. District of Columbia where the court struck down Washington D.C.’s decades-long restriction of maintaining an operable firearm in the home for self defense purposes. Obama has stated in the past that he feels states and municipalities should have the ability to enforce what they consider to be “sensible” gun control laws. However, his view of sensible varies greatly from what most law-abiding gun owners see as sensible. Also, Obama seems to lose this belief of allowing states and municipalities to establish their own gun laws once he is in the Oval Office.

Obama has deep ties to extreme gun control advocacy groups. He sat on the board of the Chicago-based Joyce Foundation for eight years and made over $70,000 in directors fees. The Joyce Foundation helps fund groups trying to further the cause of gun control. Dr. Jerome Corsi discusses in his book, “The Obama Nation,” that the Joyce Foundation gave out at least nine grants totaling $2.7 million to gun control advocacy groups. While Obama was on the board, the foundation gave $20,000 to the Violence Policy Center which they used to publish a book titled, “Every Handgun is Aimed at You: The Case for Banning Handguns.” This is a subject Obama has kept near to his heart. While an Illinois Senator, Obama introduced bills to ban the sale and transfer of all semiautomatic firearms, limit legal gun owners to buying one handgun per month, and requiring child-safety locks on all firearms.

Corsi also highlights an Illinois gun case that involved Obama. A 52 year-old man named Hale DeMar was arrested when he shot a burglar that had broken into his house on two separate occasions. The burglar broke into the residence while DeMar and his wife and children were sleeping one night. Fearful that his family was in danger, DeMar went to his safe, retrieved his handgun and shot the burglar, causing him to flee the house by crashing through a front window. The burglar, with an extensive criminal record, was arrested after he drove DeMar’s BMW SUV to an area hospital to seek treatment. A couple of weeks later, the community’s police chief arrested DeMar for violating the town’s handgun ban with charges that could have resulted in large fines and even jail time. Remember, DeMar was the victim of two burglaries by the same criminal. The charges were later dropped by the Cook County prosecutors amid a large public outcry.

This case caused the Illinois State Senate to draft Senate Bill 2165 which would assert a right of self defense in cases such as DeMar’s. The measure passed by a vote of 38 – 20. The bill passed the State House, was vetoed by Governor Rod Blagojevich, only to have the veto overridden by a vote of 86 – 25. As expected, Obama was sure to vote against the bill both times it came before him.

This leaves the question of what would Senator Obama see as “sensible” gun control laws? Obviously, he is perfectly fine with prosecuting someone who finds themselves in one of the most frightening experiences of their life of being confronted with an intruder in their home. In such situation, how can an individual not be expected to assume that the intruder means to harm them and their family? Wouldn’t most people choose to protect their families with any means possible in this situation? Apparently, Obama thinks one should practice self-restraint in this situation and play a submissive role to the intruder. Fortunately, Obama was in the minority with his opposition and the law was passed but what would sort of legislation would we expect from a President Obama with a sympathetic Congress?

Also, as president, it would seem that Obama would prefer to not allow the states and municipalities the freedom to set their own gun control laws. He has voiced support for changing some states, “flawed conceal carry laws” through a federal law repealing any conceal carry permits that have been issued by any state. He has also stated his support to ban the manufacture, sale, and possession of all handguns and also to ban rifle ammunition very widely used for hunting. On the tax front, he proposes increasing the taxes on firearms and ammunition by 500%. That is not a typo; he is in support of a 500% tax increase. Obama’s plan would also require a government-issued license in order to own or purchase a firearm. While he is cracking down on law-abiding gun owners, he is also in support of restoring the voting rights of over five million criminals, many who have been convicted of using a gun to commit a violent crime.

Obama’s campaign never misses an opportunity to emphasize that Obama has grand visions for the United States of America and he is eager to take the country in a whole new direction. The direction he desires for gun rights is not only severely unconstitutional but it is a direction that has already been taken by other countries such as Great Britain and Australia. A brief glimpse of their violent crime rates before and after implementing many of the same laws Obama favors shows how these restrictions on law-abiding citizens only leave them more vulnerable to increased crimes. Since the laws were enacted in Britain, burglaries with the homeowners present increased rapidly along with other bold violent crimes.  Obama claims to be a new politician but he is only proposing the same regulations that groups sponsored by the Joyce Foundation have been endorsing for decades.

Perhaps the most ironic part of Obama’s stance on the Second Amendment is seen when contrasted with his abortion stance. Obama has diligently fought any law that could be remotely construed as restricting abortion-on-demand. When discussing abortion, B. Hussein Obama often mentions that abortion is a fundamental right granted by the Constitution. Yet any study of the Constitution will show that the word “abortion” is never mentioned once. Nor are the phrases “terminated pregnancy” or even “baby killing.” None of those references are anywhere in the Constitution. However, at the same time B. Hussein Obama cannot fathom how anyone could derive a private right to gun ownership when the Constitution’s Second Amendment ends with the words, “…the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Perhaps Obama was not as well-educated at Harvard Law School as he has let on if he denies the meaning of those exact words.  

Of course, in true Obama fashion, he has been sure to state publically that he believes in the Second Amendment. From his past voting records and the regulations he has only really proven that he holds the right to an abortion as a more fundamental right granted by the Constitution than the right of a law-abiding citizen to own a firearm as a means of self defense. However, to give Obama credit, he may only be saying that, yes he believes the Second Amendment exists but he is unsure of what it states. That would be the only way that someone could speak so adamantly out of one side of their mouth and profess something completely opposite out of the other side.


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