If You Can’t Beat Them, Shut Them up Before They Can Speak

Posted on August 18, 2008. Filed under: B. Hussein Obamaniacs and the Quasi-Religious Approach to Candidacy |

Before we can discuss Barack Hussein Obama’s weaknesses, the straw man set up by his most loyal supporters must be addressed. Obama has taken on a rock star image with his hard-core followers. The media tells us how his public appearances most often result in several fainting and most in the audience fighting tears throughout his speeches. Rather than supporting a candidate, his followers have more accurately turned Obama appearances into quasi-religious experiences. His supporters more resemble Elvis fans rather than political supporters. There are stories from those who attended Obama’s rallies where Obama shakes someone’s hand and the others in the crowd want to then shake the hand that Obama touched.  Many of these supporters tell of feeling a Devine presence when listening to Obama.

Those affected so strongly by Obama aren’t just the hard-left Democrat supporters but also many members of national media outlets. (I guess many national media figures are probably included in the description of hard-left Democrat supporters.) A famous quote of a media figure fawning over Obama came from Chris Matthews of MSNBC when he claimed he felt a “thrill going up my leg” when hearing Obama speak. After that statement, how can anyone expect to get an objective view of the candidates? Instances of the press going gaga for Obama have been well documented on numerous blogs and in the two newest books criticizing Obama, The Obama Nation by Jerome Corsi, Ph.D. and The Case Against Barack Obama by David Freddoso.  I will post more examples of the media’s adoration of Obama in the near future.

In a smart political move, the Obama campaign established very early in the primaries that any criticism of him, his positions on issues, quotes he made in the past or the close relationships he’s had with less-than-desirable characters are all going to be classified as the old partisan political system he has elevated above. Any criticism is considered a smear attempt through the use of personal attack politics. These rules make it especially hard to seriously debate Obama on the issues. I can only hope that this method of dodging questions and not having to take a real stand on an issue will get old soon. I have pure faith that a majority in this country do require some substance and explanations for past actions.

The whole purpose of writing this is to address at the beginning of this blog that there is a big difference between objective analyses of a presidential candidate’s past and outlandish, personal attacks such as those claiming Obama is an undercover Muslim looking to enact Sharia law in the United States, which any sensible person can see is not a true criticism of Obama and only gets in the way of true substantive debate. No matter how objective the material, there are always going to be the die-hard Obama fans that will consider any criticism of Obama a personal attack. These people will probably never change their minds. However, this blog will be useful for undecided voters looking to learn a little more about the new phenom on the political scene that seems to be a complete blank slate. There is plenty of information available to add some color to the blank picture and this will be the place to find that information.


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    Is this really a new type of politician? Or is the Obama machine just using politics as usual in their campaign?


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